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Complete the following steps:
World Measurement is the global leader in product testing for safety. The recent problem with Chinese-made toy products (for example, Mattel recalled 19 million toys with evidence of lead paint) combined with the global recession has caused a 7% decline in sales and 12% in net profits. The president of the company, Lewis Jacobs, is convinced that he must get concessions from the workers if World Measurement is to compete effectively with increasing foreign competition. In particular, Jacobs is displeased with the cost of employee benefits. He doesn′t mind conceding a competitive wage increase (maximum 3%), but he wants the total compensation package to cost 3% less.
The current costs are shown in Exhibit 1 (attached). Your assistant has surveyed other companies that are obtaining concessions from employees. You also have data from a consulting firm that indicates employee preferences for different forms of benefits (see Exhibit 2 attached). Based on all this information, you have two possible concession packages that you can propose, labeled ″Option 1″ and ″Option 2″ (see Exhibit 3 attached).
Please analyze and answer each of the questions below. It is not necessary for you to type the question itself. Your assignment should be 3-4 pages long, double-spaced, using 12-point font, excluding cover page, attachments, etc.
1. Cost out these packages given the data in Exhibit 1 and the information obtained from various insurance carriers and other information sources (see Exhibit 4 attached).
2. Which package should you recommend to Jacobs? Why?
3. Which of these strategies do you think will require less input from employees in terms of their reactions? Why?
Keep in mind that, while there no ″absolutely correct″ answers to these questions, this is not an opportunity for opinion alone. Grading will reflect your reasoning and critical thinking skills, your ability to integrate what you have assimilated from course material, the clarity of your response and its appearance. Please see the rubric posted under the ″Resources″ Module for additional guidelines on grading.
Source: Adapted from Gerhart (2023). Compensation, 14th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing.
World Measurement Exhibit 1.rtf Download World Measurement Exhibit 1.rtf
World Measurement Exhibit 2.rtfDownload World Measurement Exhibit 2.rtf
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World Measurement Exhibit 4.rtf
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Burdened by Homework? Let us write your essays and assignments Order This Now

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